DENDRON bodywork is what it is today because of our superlative group of dedicated clients. Their continued commitment to the program is proven by them week after week, month after month and year after year.

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40yrs old

Wife, Mother of 3, Assistant general counsel at private equity firm in NYC.

Member since 2014

“Why do I choose to partner with Brian and Dendron bodywork..... His approach is holistic and he forges a connection. He wants to know who you are, what you want out of it, and what he is committed to do for you, he keeps that connection at each session. He can tell if there is an off day, a stronger day and he targets it. He is confident and extremely knowledgeable.  While training with him, from the first session, I trust the goals we have set out together. I have had the fortunate experience to work out with him immediately post pregnancy, while healthy and strong, two times while pregnant and then encountering small medical issues and he knew how to handle, adjust and reset.  It was great to have the nutritional and strength component/advocate on my team.

He is inspirational because he lives what he says and is what he lives.  It's not just a number, it's not just a work out, it's not just a day off, it all counts and he tells you what works or doesn't for him so if you are willing to hear and be inspired you are.  I always want to work out with Brian and look forward to it, he is very honest about what may or may not be working.

He is committed.  It's not a job to him.  He never misses a training, even though he travels from afar. He accommodates varying scheduling needs with others and tries to be flexible with reason.  We rarely do less than 2 sessions per week and he has it all thought out and I just need to perform. His commitment is proven by the very loyal base of clients who train with him and keep going. I have been with him for 4 years consecutively and I think I am still a newbie compared to the others. Brian is amentor and advocate.  He comes to the session, at first gauging the mood, emotional, physical state, and then while training is feeding me food for thought.  He really cares about ensuring he and I are committed to our goals.  He, with confidence and ease, makes himself accessible to whatever/whoever is needed.

He is effective.  From the beginning he told me his availability and said he'd fine times for us to train.  I told him I wanted two days per week and he  committed to it.  What you see with Brian is unfounded.  He is a leader.  His workouts are never the same, he keeps himself current on training, nutrition and health. This is a way of life. He is fluent in the walk, talk and show of it. It's not just the years he has put in, it's the experiences, its the learning, it's the commitment which makes him and his company stand out.”


Tom S.

72 years old.

Retired Businessman.

Member since 2007

"I have been training with Brian 3 times a week for the last 10 years. His expertise and dedication has motivated me to reach my goals. I am 72 years old and can truly say that I am in better physical shape today then I was 25 years ago. 

Brian has the know how and the experience  to put together the perfect program for me each week, which keeps me challenged and still motivated. Thank you."


Catherine B.

55 years old.

3rd grade school teacher for 30 years.

Member since 2007

"I would like to take this time to share my personal training experience with my trainer, Brian Lederman.

This year marks my tenth year of training with Brian and the year I will celebrate my fifty-sixth birthday. As I reflect upon the level of training I have and continue to receive, I feel blessed. I am in excellent health and I contribute this to receiving high quality, personally designed trainings sessions with Brian.

Brian demonstrates a perfect combination of top notch instruction with realistic expectations. He designs individualized programs combined with an understanding of each client’s emotional, social and physical goals.  Due to this deliberate style of training, I am stronger, more confident, more flexible and in better shape now than ten years ago.

Brian sets high standards for himself and for his clients. He understands how to motivate, inspire and deliver during the best and most difficult sessions. He is serious and provides high quality training each and every meeting. His commitment to his profession, his clients and to DENDRON bodywork is evident in all he does.

He himself is a model of good health and fitness living further demonstrating the values he believes in."


ron kosinski.JPG

Ron K.

50 years old

Clinical Associate Professor Director,Anesthesia and Pediatric Sedation Department of Pediatric Dentistry NYU College

Member since 2013 

"Nearly five years ago , I was lucky enough to receive a call that Brian would soon have availability to train me. I was very excited for a number of reasons but I was out of shape and had my daughter's upcoming Bat Mitzvah.  Brian's enthusiasm combined with hard work got me in the best shape of my life for my daughters event. I lost thirty pounds and "looked AMAZING " for the big day. 

Since that time I have had some ups and downs but Brian remains committed to helping me achieve success. Brian is the consummate professional and I believe is the best trainer that I have ever . Brian is mature , focused and completely immersed worked with. Being a healthcare provider myself it is very important to understand the needs of your patients. Brian is not only my trainer but my Life Coach as well. His dedication to his clients is incredible. I really appreciate the dedication , drive and enthusiasm that Brian brings everyday.

I have been training for nearly twenty five years and I have never experienced the professionalism, friendship and dedication by anyone else."

Ned W.

71 years old

Executive Director Grant making Program

Member since 2007

"In early 2008, I decided to seek out a personal trainer.  At the time I was a 61-year-old-man, I knew I needed help to get fit and healthy. I was introduced to Brian Lederman,  Not only did Brian get me in shape but the improvements to my strength, balance, agility and stamina were so pronounced within the first three months of working together that I decided that training with Brian was an investment in health, fitness (physical and emotional) and longevity that I needed to continue. Throughout the ensuing 10 years, those early benefits have been multiplied a hundredfold.  As I approach my 71st birthday (very hard to believe), I have never felt better.  Brian is highly skilled at designing and implementing different programs for each of our three weekly sessions that build up all of the capacities that enable me to be a vigorous and active person.  Our sessions are always engaging and rigorous—demanding in the best possible way.  He gets more out of me than I believe I have to give.  Brian is a master of positive feedback and motivation.  The two jobs I’ve had while working with Brian are very stressful, and Brian’s consistent attention to physical skill-building, nutrition and healthy lifestyle have been largely responsible for enabling me to meet the demands of my work without jeopardizing my physical or emotional health." 

Phil Nassimi.jpg

Phillip N.

43 years old

Businessman and Entrepreneur

Member since 2016

"First and foremost thank you for having taken such great care of me for the past 3 years both as a personal training coach in the gym and outside.

I wanted to express my eternal gratitude to you and let you know that I have never found a professional who is more committed to his clients as you have been for me and i am sure for all the other precious souls you take care of on a daily basis. 

You have changed my life dramatically since day one; teaching me how and what to eat resulting in my marked 35 pound weight loss. Furthermore, the importance of a rigorous training regime and proper rest at the same time; as a result my body and mind have become much stronger and in addition to coaching me almost psychotherapeutically every time we would meet for training and needless to say following up on me almost daily in order to combat life's challenging problems and stress. 

I am humbled to have met you and grateful to God almighty of our journey together and friendship. 

Finally, you are by far the most complete and most professional trainer I have ever met and will be a forever witness of your work."


Janette K.

50 years old

Wife, Mother of 3, Fashion Executive

Member since 2007

"Brian knows how to push me enough to challenge and motivate me to thrust past any of my perceived limitations to get results.  He knows how to incorporate my exercise preferences into his training sessions to keep them creative and fun.  So much so that many people have commented on our sessions, and/or inquire about his availability.  He also offers in great details, diet breakdowns and other lifestyle factors to keep me on track.  Overall, Brian has instilled in me to invest in my fitness and nutrition. 

Consequently, I have invested in Brian 10 years so far and still going strong.  As there is NO replacing someone who is dependably there, always greets you with a smile, and manages to somehow completely exhaust you with exercise, but leaves you simultaneously exhilarated and relaxed for the remainder of your day."

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Eric S.

67 years old

Retired Businessman and Builder.

Member since 2008

"I have been working with Brian Lederman for almost 9 years now, and unequivocally he is the only trainer for me!"


IMG_0357 (1).jpg

Nick N.

52 years old

Husband,Father, Owner of Neptune Mechanical

Member since 2009

"When I started with Brian I was 43 years old and 265 pounds, I am now 52 years old and 200 pounds, and in the best shape of my life.... I never miss my sessions with brian each week, and i truly look forward to and enjoy the work we do together...onward and upward!"  


Steven M.

47 years old

Husband, father of 2, Business owner.

Member since 2010

"I have been training with Brian Lederman for the past 7 years . He has basically changed my entire outlook in terms of fitness and eating habits. Our sessions are always intense physically and we are always discussing nutrition. 
In addition everyday life is always being discussed, everything you would want a life coach would provide." 


Evelyn K.

60 years old

Mother, Grandmother

Member since 2009

"When I started training, I had come from a 10 year running background and had no interest in strength training except that I noticed my arms were getting very weak to the point that it felt like they were to heavy for me. I was very concerned about not getting injured since I was over 50 years old. I then met Brian Lederman, I have really come a long way since then! I have been training with Brian for over ten years now, twice a week regularly. He has helped me achieve my goal of being stronger and more fit by creating challenging workouts which push me to improve while having fun at the same time! The workouts are always changing and evolving keeping me motivated. I look forward to our sessions and understand how valuable they are to my well being. Brian is always professional, very punctual and a true role model. It has been a great journey!"

Ken K

67 years old

Businessman and construction contracter

Member since 2006

"Brian Has been more than my trainer for going on eleven years. He has been my motivator he has been with me on my goal to get fit and lose weight. He has stayed with me through the good times when the weight came off 60 LBs and has been with me as I went off the plan. He never once gave up on me even when I gave up on my self. He has kept me in line and focused on my journey. There have been times when I went with another gym. But I always seem to come back to Brian. I thank him for all he has done and hope to continue with him."


Georgette N.

Wife, Mother of 3

Member since 2015

"Brian Lederman has been training me for over 3 years . He has not only coached me physically but mentally . Brian is a special type of fitness instructor because he is able to train me to be a better person mentally -and physically . After each session I leave feeling better about my life. He trains me on how to better myself within as a person. Brian has alot of knowledge beyond the basic trainer . He is able to talk to me at our session to better understand things that are going on in my life and around me - to train me to change things that I don't like in my life for the better .

He has a great knowledge and explains how food effects my body instantly and in the long run . i have found that most people don't like to work out because it is just a physical thing that leaves you sore. But with Brian I leave my session happier and inspired to be a better person inside and out. This is why I train with him 2 times a week all year round...and don't like to miss any of my sessions...He makes you want to come back! I am very luck to have an inspiring, and and enlightening trainer to keep me going ."


Lila K.

67 years old

Mother and Grandmother, Living with Parkinson's

Member since 2008

"I have been working with Brian Lederman for 9 years.  There is no doubt that the work that we have done and continue to do has preserved and strengthen my body in order for me to fight the progression of parkinson's disease.  Brian brings great patience, care and attention to every session.  I greatly value our wednesday and saturday sessions, thank you Brian for all of your support."


Gary G.

50 years old,

Husband, Father of 3, Partner Attorney in NYC law firm

Member since 2014

"I'm 50, and been working out 35 years, but Brian became my first trainer four years ago. Best decision I've made. He's so much more. He's a life coach. Top notch with his workouts, always pushing in the right way, but even more and rightfully focused on the nutritional component of a healthy lifestyle. I've learned so much from him, and look at my food choices completely differently because of him. And he even manages my head. Knows what's going on in all respects, taking a holistic interest in the person. We talk through life while working together. This guy is a three for one, if not more. Good luck finding another Brian out there. Nobody better."


George L.

37 years old

Father of 2, Business owner Masterpiece Construction

Member since 2017


Kasey DeJanna

10 years old.

Student at Guggenheim Elementery, Gymnast

Member since 2017